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Installation of latest technology crushing & mashing machines

Westex have commissioned two high powered industrial patented crushing & mashing machines that reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill by 75%.

The machines will crush & mash unwanted stock, redundant stock, end of lines & stands beyond recognition, before being sent to certified landfill, thus eradicating the potential for products to also re appear onto the market e.g. E.Bay.

All paper & cardboard is recycled, plastic waste is segregated and recycled. Product for destruction is certified by either deep landfill or incineration. Administration compliant with the UK Producer Packaging regulations.

‘Security & Confidentiality’

We ensure maximum security and total integrity.

You can be confident that your goods, stock and data are in safe hands whilst they are with us.

Our buildings and sites are fully secure.

‘A strict confidentiality policy’

Because we constantly handle consignments and important sensitive data, we have established a culture of complete confidentiality. All members of staff are committed to respecting your commercial privacy at all times.