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Contract Packing / Clean Room

Westex offer clients the facility of a Clean Room at our London site. The room is designed as an operational facility within our warehouse. This is to isolate the users from activities in the main warehouse area, thus ensuring it’s complete cleanliness.

The Clean Room offers a dust free environment for contract packing, product manipulation & capsule filling. Contract packing is important to many companies for re-packing, giftpack assembly, trials, promotional packing, seasonal products, new products or new market launches.

Tester Manipulation

The Clean Room is especially useful for the handling and packing of Testers, as the cleanliness of the room ensures that the product stays in the best possible condition. The product is not damaged in any way.

Westex can also offer both Full Traceability of an Order Trail, and a Full Audit Trail for product recall purposes.

We are one of a very few companies who are fully approved to store and handle and manipulate Testers by one of the UK’s Top 10 Plc, Health and Beauty Companies.

Kit Assembly, QVC Packing & Rework & over label

Not all products need to be packed in a clean room environment. We have significant benching capacity at all sites to hand pack with a vast experience of:

  • Gift with purchase packs
  • Buy one, get one free packs
  • Mother's day and Father's day gift sets
  • New product launch packs
  • Gift set assembly
  • Over labelling
  • QVC home shopping packing processes
  • TSV packing
  • Rework
  • Over label

For further information please contact our Sales Department or call 020 7510 0100.